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Towns & Area serviced / zones out of our COLAC depot

COLAC 1Colac

COLAC 1Colac East

COLAC 1Colac West

COLAC 1Elliminyt

COLAC 2Cundare

COLAC 2Cundare North

COLAC 2Eurack

COLAC 2Warncoort

COLAC 2Weering

COLAC 3Aire Valley

COLAC 3Alvie

COLAC 3Apollo Bay

COLAC 3Balintore

COLAC 3Bambra

COLAC 3Barongarook

COLAC 3Barongarook West

COLAC 3Barramunga

COLAC 3Barunah Park

COLAC 3Barunah Plains

COLAC 3Beech Forest

COLAC 3Benwerrin

COLAC 3Birregurra

COLAC 3Boonah

COLAC 3Buckley

COLAC 3Cape Otway

COLAC 3Carlisle River

COLAC 3Chapple Vale

COLAC 3Coragulac

COLAC 3Corunnun

COLAC 3Cressy

COLAC 3Deans Marsh

COLAC 3Dreeite

COLAC 3Dreeite South

COLAC 3Duverney

COLAC 3Ferguson

COLAC 3Forrest

COLAC 3Gellibrand

COLAC 3Gellibrand Lower

COLAC 3Gerangamete

COLAC 3Gherang

COLAC 3Glenaire

COLAC 3Grey River

COLAC 3Hesse

COLAC 3Hordern Vale

COLAC 3Inverleigh

COLAC 3Irrewarra

COLAC 3Irrewillipe

COLAC 3Irrewillipe East

COLAC 3Johanna

COLAC 3Kawarren

COLAC 3Kennedys Creek

COLAC 3Kennett River

COLAC 3Koallah

COLAC 3Larpent

COLAC 3Lavers Hill

COLAC 3Lorne

COLAC 3Marengo

COLAC 3Modewarre

COLAC 3Moriac

COLAC 3Mount Moriac

COLAC 3Mount Sabine

COLAC 3Murroon

COLAC 3Nalangil

COLAC 3Ombersley

COLAC 3Ondit

COLAC 3Paraparap

COLAC 3Pennyroyal

COLAC 3Petticoat Creek

COLAC 3Pirron Yallock

COLAC 3Rokewood

COLAC 3Separation Creek

COLAC 3Skenes Creek

COLAC 3Skenes Creek North

COLAC 3Sugarloaf

COLAC 3Swan Marsh

COLAC 3Tanybryn

COLAC 3Warrion

COLAC 3Wattle Hill

COLAC 3Weeaproinah

COLAC 3Wensleydale

COLAC 3Winchelsea

COLAC 3Winchelsea South

COLAC 3Wingeel

COLAC 3Wongarra

COLAC 3Wool Wool

COLAC 3Wurdiboluc

COLAC 3Wye River

COLAC 3Wyelangta


COLAC 3Yeodene

COLAC 3Yuulong

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